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Keep Your Family Safe

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KP is a new monitoring app for parents with No ADS!! Our app doesn’t collect or share your data!
Every single information that is send by you or your family is encrypted all the time.
You can set up safe area for your family. Every time when members will leave a specific area you will receive notifications with the exact time at which an event occured. The app can also be used to communicate with your family members though inbuilt chat and to share your location. You will need only few seconds to call for help using SOS message.

Enjoy every part of the app with simple and classic ios design and stay in touch with your family all the time.
Take care of your family members in real and virtual world!

Available on Google Play and the App Store.

We are offering a FREE 2-WEEK trial on this amazing new app. To sign up you don’t need a credit card. The free trial period will begin as soon you create an account.
After trial you can upgrade to 12 month subscription right from inside the app on your iPhone. You decide whether you want to subscribe or not – subscription is not auto-renewed, so you will NOT be charged once the trial is completed.
The final price depends on the number of additional features.
The trial version allows you to register and group one parent and one child.
Get more information about KP during watching movie.

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