AI. We connect the world of science with business.

From data analysis, through machine modelling to implementation, everything is done in an iterative and customer-oriented way. We create comprehensive solutions based on, among other things, Computer Vision, NLP, Audio Processing or Deep Learning, about the specificity, strengths and weaknesses of a given business.

Technologies such as Machine Learning using neural networks are beginning to prove their worth by becoming a mandatory element of AI technology among companies that integrate them. However, we realize that AI-related solutions are not for everyone so we adjust our competences to the client’s specificity, trying to find the best solution.


Software. Bespoke applications.

We create dedicated business solution applications, including sales and marketing, calculations and financial analytics, compliance, supporting business operations, IoT and medical.

We implement projects using the highest standards, focusing on quality at every stage of the project: from the brief, through UX mock-ups and development, to the testing phase.


Data Services. We turn raw data into reliable information.

We use the latest data sources to obtain completely new or more complete information. For us, Big Data is not only a technology but an excellent source for discovering hidden information.

We combine various types of data sources in order to build a data warehouse, solutions for compliance or integration at the data level between systems. We use Kimball and Inmon good practices, which we implement not only on paper.


RPA. Automation bots.

We use modern tools to automate repetitive tasks, cost-effectively and functionally adapted to your needs.

We are a partner of Ui Path – an integrated environment for automation and robotization of business processes in which customer applications play an important role. Thanks to this, we are able to automate processes, even those with difficult or impossible access to the data source.


E-Reporting. We convert paper into digital.

Pursuant to EU regulations, companies are required to report in the Uniform European Reporting Format (ESEF) from January 2020.

Using our competencies and partnership with leading suppliers of XBRL technology, we help our clients to adapt to the EU requirements. We implement tools to generate financial statements compliant with the ESEF, and we train employees of financial departments in the preparation of reports.


Promity Academy. Expand your competences and develop professionally.

We provide training in project management, corporate architecture and business as well as IT technology and artificial intelligence. Our Academy is run by qualified trainers who offer a diverse set of methodologies, standards and technologies.

We are accredited by top companies responsible for developing and promoting standards and methodologies, including Axelos, APMG and PeopleCert, thanks to which we can obtain international certificates.