Contract with the National Centre for Research and Development for the implementation of a new project within the framework of the 1st NUTRITECH competition.

On October 11, 2023, we signed a contract for the implementation of a project as part of a consortium with the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, entitled: ‘Intelligent analysis of the microbiological quality of organic and conventional milk as an effective tool to improve the safety and health values of animal-derived food – dairy products, and to reduce health risks related to antibiotic use in milk production.’

The project is being carried out within the framework of the 1st NUTRITECH competition – nutrition in the light of challenges to improve the well-being of society and address climate change. Its aim is to increase the availability of products and solutions for proper nutrition by the year 2023 through the implementation of research and development results, taking into account the principles of sustainable development.

The project’s total value is 5,925,931.47 PLN. Promity, as the consortium leader, has received funding in the amount of 2,475,586.84 PLN.

The project will be implemented from November 1, 2023, to November 3, 2025.