Role description:

As a Deep Learning Engineer, you will be responsible for training and evaluating neural models (with an emphasis on Computer Vision).

Due to innovative projects (incl. those with grants from the National Center for Research and Development), we are also talking about proprietary implementations.

Your duties. You will be:

  • Responsible for training and evaluating neural models (with an emphasis on Computer Vision),
  • You will implement the models in the appropriate production environment (depending on the project: NVIDIA Triton, Jetson boards or smartphones),
  • Under Python there is C / C ++ – here we count on being ready to “get your hands dirty”,
  • Occasional projects from other fields – maybe it will be more classic image processing, or maybe Deep Learning applied to Audio.

A perfect candidate for this role has:

  • Experience with Deep Learning algorithms (e.g. CNN, RNN, GCN, Transformers etc.) and good knowledge of Pytorch and / or Tensorflow,
  • Excellent Python and decent C / C ++, familiarity with container solutions like Docker,
  • In our team there is no “it works for me” or “Tester is from testing”, we count on craftsmanship reliability,
  • A solid foundations. We value graduates of mathematics, physics, computer science, electronics and other related faculties,
  • English language that allows reading technical documentation and reading scientific articles.

You’ll get even more points if you have:

  • A huge plus is the electronic-related competences (there are plans to cooperate with electronics for a proprietary vision device)
  • We put a lot of emphasis on communication (not refraining from asking for help, reporting problems, being kind to others)

What we can offer to you:

  • Working options up to you: completely remote / hybrid / 100% from the office
  • Challenging, but developing work and not being a cog in the machine – we are talking about various problems, often going beyond the standard Data Science, Machine Learning or Deep Learning; you will not be bored
  • You will be creating innovations and cooperate with research workers of top Polish universities (joint seminars, elements of Design Thinking and other methodologies), our R&D department is constantly working on obtaining grants for research projects and developing our own products
  • Nice hardware, powerful laptop with GPU; in addition, access to servers with RTX and embedded systems (Jetson Xavier, Jetson Nano, Google Coral, etc.)
  • Training (on board there is a Design Thinking moderator, a native speaker and a group of trainers as part of Promity Akademia, we also partner with postgraduate studies at the Warsaw University of Technology DEEP NEURAL NETWORKS – APPLICATIONS IN DIGITAL MEDIA)
  • Attractive salary
  • Work in a friendly atmosphere in a great team
  • An intimate office in a great location in Warsaw (near the Racławicka metro station)
  • “Multisport” card
  • You can bring your pet to work